The technique and its benefits

Magnetic Marker Monitoring (MMM) is a technique for visualising the transit of a solid oral dosage form through the gastrointestinal tract. Disintegration and drug-release characteristics can also be determined. A precise 3-dimensional localisation with high specific resolution (few millimetres’ precision) can be achieved. The method is based on incorporating small amounts of magnetite (about 1 mg of black iron oxide, E172) into the formulation and subsequent magnetic flux density measurements.

The marker substance magnetite is suitable for IMPDs in the European Union!

When is MMM useful ?

The technique allows different applications during formulation development and also for regulatory purposes:

  • Proof of concept of newly developed modified release formulations including formulations intended for continuous gastric release
  • Tabletwise in-vitro/in-vivo correlations
  • Characterisation of formulation-related food interactions
  • Supportive data for clinical development and regulatory submission of GI-drug targeting

Current status

Our measurement system is currently being changed. We expect to have the new measurement chamber running by autumn this year.

For further details download our MMM Flyer.


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